Hi All,

Having a great passion for Fashion, Styling and Image Making, I decided to get into the Fashion industry.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, a postgraduate degree in business (MBA, Master in Business Administration) given my interest in foreign languages, I speak English, French, Italian and some Spanish other than Greek which is my mothertongue.  I have studied acting, ballet, dance and piano.  Moreover, I have attended yoga, power yoga, kickboxing and ski classes. My professional experience lies in Fashion, in Social|Digital Media, in HR/Consulting/Recruitment, in Banking, in Hospitality and in Health & Beauty industry.  Prior to my studies and my professional career I have attended a fashion school, given my great interest in fashion & styling.  Throughtout my studies and my professional career, I was keeeping informed about all latest fashion/beauty news and trends.  Moreover, I was offering styling service to my friends/colleagues.  Later, I decided to pursue a Professional Course in Styling at British College of Professional Styling so as to follow a professional career in fashion and styling. Upon completion of my degree in Professional Styling, I created my fashion and lifestyle site Vicky's Style so as to share my passion for fashion, style and lifestyle.  I had the opportunity to join as a guest or participant different types of Greek TV programmes such as: reality tv, lifestyle tv shows, tv news, live shows and talk shows.  Moreover, I created my YouTube Channel & IGTV.  As a fashion blogger, I am invited to various fashion press events as well as catwalks, designer’s events and fashion weeks.  Moreover, I am a member of many international fashion communities so as to get informed about all the latest fashion news and I am quite active at all social media.  I am looking forward to work with each one of you so as to provide you with all the tips in order to develop a successful and unique style based on your personal lifestyle. My goal is to provide you with personal advice on how to personalize fashion trends based on your personality, to develop your image and your style in order to feel unique and fabulous. 

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Vicky Stouki - Βίκυ Στούκη

Η Βίκυ Στούκη είναι Certified Professional Stylist, κάτοχος MBA, Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management και άλλων εξειδικευμένων certifications.   (Vicky Stouki LinkedIn profile)

Έχει εργασιακή εμπειρία σε managerial θέσεις σε πολλαπλούς τομείς όπως στον τουρισμό, στον τραπεζικό χώρο, στην εστίαση, στον χώρο της ομορφιάς/beauty lab και για οκτώ έτη διετέλεσε υψηλόβαθμο διοικητικό στέλεχος σε πολυεθνική συμβουλευτική εταιρεία ανθρώπινου δυναμικού.

Tα τελευταία έτη έχει ενεργή ενασχόληση ως fashion/style blogger. Είναι ιδρύτρια του fashion & lifestyle site Vicky’s Style (www.vickysstyle.com) και έχει εξειδικευτεί τόσο στο προσωπικό styling/image making όσο και στη διαχείριση του ηλεκτρονικού περιοδικού μόδας Vicky’s Style & των social media. 

Μιλάει άπταιστα ελληνικά, αγγλικά, γαλλικά και ιταλικά. 

Έχει παρακολουθήσει σεμινάρια και συνέδρια σχετικά με την διοίκηση επιχειρήσεων καθώς και μαθήματα υποκριτικής, μπαλέτου/χορού, πιάνου, yoga, power yoga, kickboxing, ski και άλλων ειδών εκγύμνασης.