7 steps to effective wardrobe planning

Are you looking for a quick and effective way to plan your wardrobe?  Don’t you know where to start from?  Not to worry!  We will go together through the process so as to set up the perfect wardrobe.  It seems to be a quite time consuming and demanding process, however if you set up step-by-step the process, it will be a construcitve process that will pay off. 

Let's set up the process step-by step.

  1. Take off all items and place them by category ex. dresses, tshirts, trousers etc.

  2. Later, short them out by season.

  3. Try on the cloths that you haven’t wear for a long time so as to make sure that they fit you well.

  4. Clean thourghly the wardrobe, shelves and drawers and leave them open for a while.

  5. Mix and match your cloths so as to create different looks and take pictures of yourself so as to remember the looks.  This process will also pinpoint any missing items in order to create a complete look.  So, take some notes during the process in order to create your next shopping list.

  6. Place each item by category and by color in the wardrobe so as to be easy to pick up the right item.  Also, create an “index” of the items that are placed at each wardrobe accompanied by some of the pictures of your looks and stick them at the wardrobe door.  

  7. Light your closet.  Place wireless led lights that have a system motion activated (turns on and off automatically).

Don’t miss to donate the cloths and other items that you are not usefull to you anymore.  

A well organised wardrobe is a functional wardrobe that makes your everyday life easy given that you may create stylish looks at a glance!