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Having a great passion for Fashion, Styling and Image making, I decided to get into Fashion industry.  I hold a Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management, a postgraduate degree in business (MBA) and since I enjoy getting to know foreign languages I speak English, French and Italian other than Greek.  I have attended acting, ballet, dance and piano lessons.  Also, I have attended yoga, power yoga, kickboxing and ski classes.  I had the opportunity to work in different industries such as beauty, hospitality, F&B, banking, having as last employment the HR sector.  Before starting my studies and my professional career I have attended a Fashion school, given my great interest into Fashion & Styling, I kept studying and keeping me informed about Fashion and Styling throughout my other studies and professional career. Moreover, I was advising my friends and colleagues on their personal styling.  At a later stage, I decided to pursue and I completed a Professional Course in Styling so as to follow a professional career in Fashion and Styling.  Upon completion of my degree in Professional Styling, I created my fashion blog Vicky's Style so as to share with you my passion for fashion and more specifically the latest Fashion News, Fashion Shows & Collections, Fashion & Beauty tips, Celebrity Styling, Lifestyle and Shopping ideas.  I am looking forward to work with each one of you so as to provide you with all the tips in order to develop a successful and unique styling based on your personal lifestyle. My goal is to provide you with personal advice on how to personalize fashion trends based on your personality, to develop your image and your style in order to feel unique and fabulous.  

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Vicky Stouki

Βίκυ Στούκη

Είναι Certified Professional Stylist, κάτοχος MBA, Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management και άλλων εξειδικευμένων certifications.   Vicky Stouki LinkedIn profile