A "natural" makeup look!

The natural makeup is trendy at all times.  More specifically the Natural makeup is chosen for many fashion shows, TV shows and photo shootings.    


You may have a natural makeup all day long, going shopping, at work, your evening drink or going at a bar later on.  Your face seems to be fresh, girly, sophisticated and having a neutral beauty.   Use the season’s nude colors such as beige, pink, lilac, light brown, bronze, soft yellow and soft peach.

  1. After cleaning and moisturizing your face, apply the concealer under your eyes and onto your eyelid. Use the right shade of the concealer, it should be one tone lighter than your skin.
  2. Apply a a velvety smooth foundation in order to have a stable and shine-free make up, make sure that you are using the right foundation color in order to look natural.  Use a special brush so as not to apply too much.  Make soft movements downwards in order to follow the smoothness of your skin.
  3. Use a pencil liner or an eyeliner in a color one tone darker than the eye shadows and draw a line as close as possible to your eye lashes.
  4. Highlight your eye brows with a special pencil at the same color so as to emphasize your eyes. 
  5. Apply two coats of volumizing brown black or purple mascara depending on your eyes’ color in order to add intensity to your look.
  6. Apply a lipstick in nude, pink or red undertones.  Use a shiny liquid lipstick that will give a glamorous and smooth look. 
  7. Finish by blushing your cheeks using a shimmering blush in pink, coral, or brown color.  You may use a blush of pure pearl color for shimmering and glowing cheeks which is ideal for a night makeup.

You will have a “natural” beauty look makeup which is ideal for any occasion!

Vicky StoukiComment