Tips for planning your wardrobe

Often we have to get dressed for a certain occasion but we cannot find out any outfit. We have so many cloths but at the same time we feel that we have not enough that suits well with our lifestyle. This might be the case because in many occasions we do not plan before going shopping but we just buy the cloths that we like or we see at the advertisements of the magazines and/or the catalogues.

However, it is important to check on our wardrobe and then calculate our lifestyle activities in order to find out our real needs. It is advised not to go shopping before taking out of our wardrobe all our cloths and sort out the cloths that fits you well (since your size might have been changed). Moreover, it is suggested to keep organized your wardrobe by garment type so as to be able to easily see all your cloths at a glance.

The bellow table may be a tool in order to organize your wardrobe easily!

Activity                                                  Hrs/week

Work – business casual

Work – business/formal


Athletic activities

Evening recreation activities

Night activities – dining/clubbing

The questions bellow may assist you in order to further analyze some of the above findings:

  • What is the outfit you prefer for your social activities?
  • What is the outfit you prefer for clubbing/night activities?
  • What if the outfit you prefer for shopping?

Hope it is helpful and looking forward to your feedback! Feel free to contact me should you need further assistance.

Vicky StoukiComment