What is your color palette?

Have you ever questioned yourself what colors best suits you?  Am sure you have!  Not to mention that the first thing to attract you during shopping is the color.  The colors of your clothes are very important since some colors will make you look better than others.   You may have experienced that you often get compliments when you are dressed in certain colors. 

Therefore, you have to find out what iis the seasonal color palette you belong to in order to make the best choice of your clothes, makeup and accessories.  You may be wondering what is your seasonal color palette is.  Well, your personal characteristics – the color of your skin, hair and eyes – are analyzed so as to determine your seasonal color palette.  

There are four main seasonal color palettes: spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Of course, each main color palette has sub groups. 

The main characteristics of the four main seasonal color palettes are the following:

Spring color season

Skin: light, ivory, peach skin.

Eyes: blue or clear blue, green or clear green

Hair: blonde, golden blonde or strawberry blonde

Summer color season

Skin: rosy beige, grey-brown, pale beige or rosy brown

Eyes: blue, green or grey-green, pale grey or soft hazel

Hair: ash or warm blonde, light to dark brown

Autumn color season

Skin: ivory, peach, dark or golden beige or brown

Eyes: green, hazel, dark or golden brown

Hair: golden brown or blonde, red or ash blonde

Winter color season

Skin: sallow, beige, grey or rosy beige, dark brown

Eyes: hazel, dark brown, black-brown, grey-green or grey-blue

Hair: black, blue-black, light to dark brown   

Winter color analysis source: www.pinterest.com

Winter color analysis

source: www.pinterest.com

Now that you know your seasonal color palette, it’s time to find out the colors that best suits you.  You will find bellow the main colors per seasonal color palette:

Spring:  camel, peach, cream, light and bright colors, light blue or violet, beige, warm browns, black

Summer: pastels, light and neutral colors, blue, pink, grey, teal, soft white

Autumn: vivid/bright colors, warm colors, orange, turquoise, peach, beige, dark brown

Winter: black, white, bright/vibrant colors, red, pink, yellow, grey, navy

This is just a brief about the color seasonal palette and the color analysis.  However, you should get the professional advice from a “Personal Stylist” or a “Color Consultant”.  Your color seasonal palette should be combined with your body shape in order to have the best image!

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