Tips for shopping during sales

Sales is a great opportunity in order to refresh your wardrobe.  However, you may get into the loop to buy clothes that you do not really need or you cannot mix and match them successfully.

You also have the opportunity to buy expensive clothes at a discount rate which is a great investment for your wardrobe.


It is important to plan effectively prior going shopping.  Here are some tips in order to have successful shopping during the sales:

  • You have to re-organize and plan your wardrobe, sort out your clothes and organize them per garment type, so as to be able to find easily cloths at your wardrobe and be visible.  Often, we forget that we have some cloths, so we end up buying a similar one.
  • Plan your needs for new cloths based on your lifestyle and recreation activities.  It is important that you know your needs based on your daily activities so as to have enough clothes per activity.  See also the articles: "Tips for planning your wardrobe" & "Plan your wardrobe based on your Lifestyle".
  • Check out the fashion trends but at the same time choose the outfits that you will be able to wear for the years to come.  See also the articles: "Must have winter 2012 - 2013", "Leather the hot trend", "Look great in a leather dress", "Trendy outfits for cold days" & "Studs: the new hot trend".
  • Find out what your body type is so that you know the best parts of your body type that you have to show off.  You may choose the outfits based on your body type in order to better balance your overall figure. See also the articles: "Jeans based on your body shape", "Tips & tricks for different body types", "Tips: the black dress for different body shapes", "Tips for Apple body type", "Tips for petite hourglass figure" & "What is your body type?".
  • Find out what your color family is so as to buy the clothes at the right colors in order to have the best fit.
  • Calculate your budget so as to make your shopping wish list. Later, conduct a market research by window shopping or surfing some online stores should you do not have enough free time to go to the market.  Review your wish list so as to make your final list based on your available budget.
  • Smart shopping, choose pieces of clothes that you may easily mix and match with the rest of your clothes. 
  • Should you have a limited budget, though you would like to have the opportunity to buy many more clothes then you should categorize your wish list per garment type in order to review your real needs.  You may plan your wardrobe into the following categories: shoes per occasion/activity, bags per occasion/activity, jeans, suits, sports clothing, knitwears, jackets, shirts , trousers, skirts, jackets, suits, coats, leggings, belts, accessories, underwear, pijamas. The list should be adjusted based on your activities and your lifestyle.
  • Invest in all time classic and stylish clothes that is a good value for money.  Some ideas of all time classic pieces of garments are: a pencil skirt, a black dress, a coat, a pair of black or grey trousers, a pair of jeans, a jacket, a knitwear, a leather belt, a pair of black boots, a pair of peep toe high heels pumps or a leather bag. 
  • Moreover, sales is a great opportunity to buy expensive/luxury pieces of clothing that you couldn’t afford buying and you will keep wearing them for the years to come.   You also have the opportunity to buy online some well known brands at discounted prices.  You may try visiting the following online stores: The brandsGalaxy online store  offers several brands at discounts up to 80% throughout the year. The Net-A-Porter online store  is one of the largest online stores worldwide for luxury fashion, which offers discounts up to 70%.

Enjoy Shopping!!!!!

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