What is your body shape?

It is significant to find out your body type in order to get dressed in a way so as to show off your strong parts of your body or to balance it appropriately.


Apple body type:  your bust, waist and hips are considerably bigger than the lower part of your body.  Your legs are quite slim and they are the strong part of your silhouette.  Should you gain weight most often you see a difference at the upper part of your body, stomach and belt. 


Pear body type:  your hips and thighs have larger measurements considered to the rest of your body.  You have a slim waist, which is the narrower part of your body.  The upper part’s measurements are often one size smaller than the lower half of your body.    Often the pear shape is also called A – shape.


Hourglass body type:  your bust and hips are the largest measurements of your body; however they have the same width.  Therefore, the upper part of your body is balanced with the lower part.  Your waist is quite slim.  Moreover, it is considered one of the most feminine body types with killing curves.


Rectangle body type:  you have similar width across your body, upper and lower part of your body.  You have little or no waist and should you gain weight, it is distributed evenly across your body.  Your shoulders, bust and hips appear to have a similar width.  It reminds of an athletic figure. 

Vicky StoukiComment