Tips for petite hourglass figure

Do you have a petite hourglass figure?  Lucky you! Did you know that an hourglass figure is one of the most faminine ones?   

Your figure has a balanced top and bottom.  Moreover, you have a wider bust and thighs in contrast to your thin waist and your height is medium. 

Here are some tips on how to get dressed in order to look fabulous:

  • Wrap-around tops and dresses emphasize your thin waist.
  • Thin weight fabrics and mat suiting give a slimmer line.
  • Underwear that support bras is key as it lifts the bust
  • Tops and dresses with a “V” are ideal as they draw the eye down to the décolletage and narrow the wide chest.
  • Monochromatic fabrics give a well proportioned figure.  When using colours should avoid them looking over the top.
  • Fluted/draped sleeves will add shape to the shoulders as well as flatter arms; however you should stay away from bat-wing sleeves as they will create an excess bulk to your chest.
  • Dress: as previously said you should choose dresses with “V”, with no prints or mid-sized prints (so as to avoid emphasizing the chest), preferably mini (so as to create a lengthening figure).
  • Coat: preferably no pocket flaps on the hips at a length just above your knees, so as to emphasize your thin waist and create a longer figure.
  • Skirt:  preferably flat/straight or A shape made of smooth fabric, knee length or mini in order to show a slimmer and longer figure. 
  • Trousers: choose trousers in a drape fabric with a stretch top, the cuff to be at least a centimetre off the floor, since it makes your legs longer. Avoid side pockets and go for a flat front.  Additionally, avoid hipster cut trousers, as they shorten your leg’s appearance.
Betty Brosmer, famous for her hourglass body

Betty Brosmer, famous for her hourglass body

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