Tips: The Black Dress for different body shapes!

The Black Dress can be worn all day long for any single occasion!

The Black Dress for different body shapes! 

Starting from left to right:

  1. Ideal for Petite or Slim Athletic body shape, it creates curves and creates a flow from top half to the bottom half of the body.
  2. Ideal for Pear as it gives a balance between the top & hips.  Therefore a perfect balance body figure is created.
  3. Ideal for Apple shape body, as it balance top with hips.  The belt highlights the waist so as to create a vision of the waist and more specifically a balanced body shape.
  4. Ideal for Hour Glass body shape, since it slims the figure.  The "V" assist into narrowing the chest.
  5. Ideal either for a Slim Athletic or Petite body shape, since it gives the illusion of a perfectly balanced body, with bigger shoulders, highlights the waist & creates curves.
Vicky StoukiComment