Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy: Interview with Haris Stampouli

Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy makes the hair smooth, healthy and full of shine.  Moreover, it is one of the most innovative and progressive hair straightening and repair method in the world.  The nano-molecules penetrate into the smallest fissures in the strands of the hair, smooth the strands and coat them with nanokeratin. Hair becomes stronger, shiny and soft. ( )

I have also conducted the Nanokeratin therapy twice up to now with great results!  However let’s ask Haris to share with us her personal experience.

Haris before the treatment

Haris before the treatment

Haris after the treatment

Haris after the treatment

  • Haris your hair looks really Great! I am sure that you take care of your hair quite often! You told me that you have done the Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy keratin treatment already twice.  Would you like to tell us how you took the decision to proceed with this treatment?

Thank you so much for your kind words!  Yes, Indeed I take care of my hair, I believe that a woman’s hair is significant to her appearance.. .  My hair was very dry and damaged because of Color techniques, blowdry, hair styling techniques and repeatedly applying extensions.  After the discussion that I had with you, suggesting me the Nanokeratin method, I visited my specialized hairdresser who gave me all the inside information about the Nanokeratin treatment that makes the hair smooth, silky, healthy, preventing frizz and silky!

  • How you would describe the process?  Is it complicated?

The process is simple and quite relaxing! After washing your hair with a special shampoo to cleanse the hair thoroughly, so as to be in a status to be able to absorb the keratin, they dry your hair and they put in toughly the nanokeratin leaving it for about 40 minutes. Later, by using titanium straightening iron allows the nanokeratin to penetrate each strand of hair.  As a result you have great straight, soft and shiny hair!  I had to not wash my hair for 3 days, not to tie back your hair.  Should my hair become curvy I had to straight them with an iron or a brush!

  • So how your hair was after the treatment?  Did you get the expected result?

I got really impressed after shampooing my hair!  I had really healthy, shiny, straight and soft hair!  My hair was perfect for over the next month so I didn’t have to waste time and effort styling y hair.  Given the fact that I prefer to have straight and soft hair.  I look professionally hair styled at all times!    Yes, the result was exactly as expected.

  • How you should treat your hair after the nanokeratin treatment?

I have to use a special nanokeratin system shampoo to wash my hair.  The nanokeratin shampoo may be significantly more expensive than those of mass consumption; however it is very concentrated so a small amount is enough though my hair is quite long.  Other than that there is not much to do, I use my old conditioner or any other styling product.


  • You have repeated the Nanakeratin treatment a week ago for a second time.  Is this true?  Would you suggest it to the other women?

That’s true!  I repeated the treatment five days ago.  I am very satisfied and I will keep repeating it for the years to come!  I would suggest it to every woman, without any doubt!!!! 

Thank you Haris for sharing with us your personal experience!!!!

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